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Ahlbeck under the bridge | © Konrad Langer
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Ahlbeck is one of the three imperial baths on Usedom. The other two are the neighboring Heringsdorf and Bansin. The seaside resorts are linked to Poland by the longest promenade in Europe - 12 kilometers - so that you can enjoy long walks.

Along the beach promenade and the Dünenstraße you can admire the impressive villas in the style of the Baltic seaside resort architecture. Not only because of that is Ahlbeck known for its beauty, luxury and exclusiveness.

The most iconic and most photographed sight of Usedom is the pier from the Wilhelminian Era. Did you know, that the pier can be seen in Loriot’s movie “Pappa ante portas”? It was built in 1899 and is 280 meters long.

The pier of Heringsdorf is the longest in Germany with 508 meters. It hosts a variety of shops and restaurants. At the pier regular pleasure boats travel to the other seaside resorts and to Poland.

Activity holiday in the nature

Usedom’s highlight is of course the sandy beach, that is altogether 42 kilometers long. There you can relax in a beach chair, go swimming, take a walk or play beach volleyball. Autumn is a good time for the kids to fly a kite.

The parallel beach running bike path and green outback with its blue lakes are ideal for cycling, hiking or just walking. In the summer the forests offer a shady spot and in autumn you can pick mushrooms there.

Usedom offers numerous water sports such as sailing, diving, wind and kitesurfing and water skiing. Usedom is particularly good for fishing - quiet bays, open sea and clear lakes offer the perfect conditions.

The tourist license is especially good for beginners and can be purchased on the Baltic Sea island.

Trips to Poland

From Ahlbeck it is only 2 kilometers to the Polish border. By car, train, bus or on foot you are in Świnoujście quickly. Poland’s currency is Zloty, but due to the tourism from Germany, paying with Euros is widely accepted. Visit the sights, enjoy good food in the numerous restaurants and cafés or take a stroll to the so-called Polish market, that offers everything for a good price.

Not only for bad weather

Museums on Usedom

For a little bit of change from the beach there is a variety of things to do for children and adults alike.

In the Heringsdorf station a railway museum is located and in Ahlbeck station you can visit historic railway vehicles.

If you are interested in technology, you should visit the Historical and Technical Museum in Peenemünde, which is located in an old power station. The V1 and V2 as well as military weapons were developed here. There is a submarine, that you can climb into and children are fascinated by the nearby Phenomenon and Toy Museum.

Children like the Butterfly Farm and the Wildlife Usedom in Trassenheide. There is also a house, that is upside down.

For nature lovers the Nature Conservation Center in Karlshagen offers interesting facts about the flora and fauna of the region and the Heimatmuseum in Zinnowitz displays interesting details about the history of the island and its vegetation.

Events in Ahlbeck

Ahlbeck has something to offer all year round. In summer there are many concerts and sports events at the beach. The year starts with the winter beach chair festival, winter swimming, the Baltic Lights festival and the literature days. It is worth visiting the Baltic sea also in winter. In autumn there are fireworks at the beach and the Usedom music festival. At Christmas time it is getting cozy with a Christmas market and a living Christmas calendar.

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